Leukosan® Strip wound closure

Ideal for closing lacerations and other cut like wounds. The strips are easy to apply and allow the wound to heal without harming the surrounding skin. The skin-friendly adhesive keeps the strip securely in place and reduces the risk of skin irritation.

These wound closure strips can be used with Cutisoft®, with a fixation tape or an absorbent dressing like Leukomed®.

  • Pain-free wound closure
  • Tension-free adaptation of wound edges
  • Good cosmetic results
  • Breathable fabric prevents macerations
  • Sterile


  • Minor injuries such as cuts and lacerations
  • Suitable for thin, fragile or sensitive skin
Leukoplast Leukosan Strip





6 strips 6mm x 38mm   79951-03 9
3 strips 6mm x 75mm