Leukoplast History - 100 years medical experience

Leukoplast represents over 100 years' experience of clinical practice. Launched in 1901 and the world's first zinc oxide rubber plaster, Leukoplast has been committed to serving the needs of hospitals and clinicians for over a century and has become one of the world's most trusted brands for professional healthcare, being well-known for its leading quality.

Today, Leukoplast is transferring this wealth of knowledge and experience into first aid and wound care solutions for consumers to self-treat their healthcare needs at home. Leukoplast now offers a whole range of first aid dressings for everyday wound care.


World's first self-adhesive plaster tape

Since the very beginning in 1901 when Leukoplast was first invented as the world's first self-adhesive plaster tape we have always been introducing innovations and product developments that meet our customer's needs.

The iconic red roll

The iconic red roll was born in 1920 and became well-known worldwide for its leading product quality.

Having been originally developed for hospitals and clinicians, Leukoplast first aid products are now available to support your first aid needs for wounds in the home.