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Why do papercuts sting as much as they do? And how can I treat the wound?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘why does this papercut sting so much?’ Well to answer this simply, the edge of a piece of paper is flexible but blunt. This means the cut is created by a drag and not cut clean; clean cuts occur with objects like a sharp straight edge knife. Cutting an object with something blunt will drag and pull, creating more damage than a sharp object, therefore creating a sting!

Our fingertips are very sensitive as they contain more nerve fibres (called nociceptors) than most of our other body areas. Cutting through these nerve fibres sends pain signals straight to your brain, giving you that sudden sting! 

If you have ever cut your fingertip, you will know the cut does not heal easily or quickly. You cannot stop using your hands until your cut heals, but you can apply a dressing which will help the wound heal. 

Leukoplast® Leukosan® strips are easy to apply and bring the skin edges together supporting wound closure. These strips allow the cut to heal and are gentle on the surrounding skin. Learn more here:

Winter Scrapes

It's winter and chilly outside, the time of year when slippery or icy paths may cause us to have a fall. Cut and graze type injuries can occur following a fall, with minor wounds needing some treatment, including cleaning and a first aid dressing being applied.

For advice on appropriate treatment visit how to treat different wounds. For product solutions visit every scrape covered.

Look After Your Festive Feet

Whether you are wearing a new pair of party shoes or taking a winter walk after indulging on turkey and trimmings, you may be at risk of shoes rubbing and a blister forming. Prepare your first aid kit to treat and protect when blister injuries occur.  

Leukoplast® first aid dressing range has a suitable plaster to treat minor wounds at home; including blisters, cuts and grazes and lacerations and should be in every first aid kit. Visit every scrape covered and learn more about Leukoplast® first aid dressing range.

Appropriate treatment

Appropriate treatment can be the key to an injury being successfully healed. Every wound has the potential to be different and should be treated according to its individual requirements.

Is your first aid kit up-to-date?

Have you got products in your first aid kit that look old and have passed their expiry date? Do you still have first aid products using old fashioned treatment methods? Time offers new technologies!

Treatment advice for minor wounds used to be: stop the bleeding, clean the wound and let the wound heal by drying in the open air, but we now know different. A moist wound healing environment has been proven to facilitate the healing process and covered with a sterile dressing, protects from infection and contamination.
Some first aid kits are shared and therefore any signs of contamination should be considered not safe and unsafe items should be disposed of.

A first aid kit should include your personal medicines and a range of products for an emergency at home. These emergencies include cuts and grazes, burns and scalds and blisters. Leukoplast® offers minor wound treatment advice and a range of dressings suitable for everyday situations. Visit Every Scrape Covered to find a suitable dressing to meet your needs. 

First Aid in the Car

When out and about in your car are you prepared for a first aid incident?

There is currently no legal requirement in many European countries to carry a first aid kit in motor vehicles. Although if you buy a car first aid kit it must comply with British Standard: BS 8599-2:2014. This standard was developed to ensure that motor vehicle first aid kit contents were suitable for a roadside incident, specifying the components required for each of three sizes of kit - small, medium and large.

The standard was introduced to encourage drivers to be equipped to potentially save lives and reduce the medical consequences from injury. Car first aid kits can be purchased from a selection of online retailers or instore. Buy a kit today and make sure you are prepared!