Leukoplast® in the course of time

From the beginning in 1901, Leukoplast has been committed to meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and supplying high quality products. Now the entire world can benefit from this heritage, because with Leukoplast wound care products all our knowledge is available to everybody. Discover how it all got started!

The journey begins

In 1901, Leukoplast invented the world’s first self-adhesive plaster tape, using zinc oxide and natural rubber.

We are looking frontally at a sample of the first Leukoplast roll of self-adhesive fixation tape; below it the year 1901 is indicated. Next to it, we can see a photography of inventors Oscar Troplowitz and Isaac Lifschütz.

Birth of an icon

In 1920, the iconic red spool and snap ring were launched on the market.

Next to the date 1920, we can see a top view of a sample of the iconic red Leukoplast spool with self-adhesive fixation tape.

World’s first wide area fixation range

With the introduction of the world’s first wide area fixation dressing, Leukoplast presents yet another innovation.

The image shows two examples of wide-area-fixation material by Leukoplast and the time stamp 1970s.

Next level of sterile post-op dressings

With the ultra-thin, breathable and conformable films that feel like a second skin, the next level of sterile post-op dressings was introduced in 2006.

We can see an example of modern sterile post-op dressing which has been developed by Leukoplast in 2006.

Pioneering infection prevention technology

In 2015 and 2016, Leukoplast launched several products with infection-preventing properties: Leukomed Sorbact with bacteria-binding technology, Leukoplast fixation tapes with a new antimicrobial spool and snap ring, and Leukomed Control which is fully transparent to allow for early recognition of potential infections.

This image shows three innovations: Leukoplast bacteria-binding technology Sorbact from 2015, the antimicrobial spool from 2016 and Leukomed Control, also from 2016, with the corresponding dates next to them.

Skin sensitive solutions: our latest innovations

Frequent dressing changes are an everyday part of life for many patients and medical staff. People with fragile and compromised skin, however, are at risk of being injured every time. The soft silicone adhesive of the new Leukoplast skin sensitive range enables an atraumatic dressing change and helps to protect against adhesive-related injuries.

We see four examples of Leukoplast products with skin-sensitive technology: Fixomull, Leukomed T and T plus, and one spool of fixation tape.

From the red spool to the full range

With Leukoplast, you have all you need to treat minor injuries or complex wounds at home or in a professional environment!