Leukoplast® eco – sustainable dressings

We know we need to be more sustainable. That’s why we’ve introduced Leukoplast eco, our eco-friendly, sustainable dressings. Made from at least 90% natural and renewable materials. Available in a range of designs, shapes and sizes suitable for most minor cuts and grazes. 

* Global Sustainability Study 2021 | Simon-Kucher & Partners, September 2021

Image showing a Leukoplast eco dressing and explaining its main sustainability features.

Sustainable with Leukoplast quality

Leukoplast eco’s backing material made from natural, sustainable bamboo fibre. The wound pad is made from 100% plant-based material (corn starch) and doesn’t stick to the wound itself. The dressings have excellent adhesion, are soft, comfortable, highly absorbent, and latex-free.

Image showing a Leukoplast eco packaging and explaining its main sustainability features.

Packaging is eco-friendly

Leukoplast eco’s packaging is also sustainable. The box is made from natural materials (sugar cane), and the pouch* is made from certified-sustainably sourced materials. 

* Sealing pouch: certified Kraftpaper only FSC® C148253

New Leukoplast® eco

A person holding some soil in their cupped hands, with a small green shoot showing.

New Leukoplast eco. A range of eco-friendly dressings made from 90% natural, renewable materials.

Leukoplast® eco

Sustainably sourced, soft, and highly absorbent wound dressings.

Leukoplast® eco kids

A fun, highly absorbent bamboo adhesive wound strip with animal print for kids