Retention bandages

Fixating even on moving body parts

Leukoplast® Elastomull® haft

Cohesive, latex-free elastic bandage for reliable dressing fixation. 

Leukoplast® Elastomull®

Latex-free elastic bandage for fixing wound dressings in place. 

Fixation tapes

For every application the right fixation


Breathable and pliable medical tape for securing devices on very sensitive skin.


Medical tape with high adhesive strength for dressings of all types and sizes.

Leukoplast® skin sensitive

Readjustable medical tape for securing dressings on fragile or compromised skin.

Wide area fixation

The right fixation even for large wounds

Hypafix® skin sensitive

Atraumatic wide area fixation for dressings or devices on fragile or compromised skin.

Cuticell® classic

A primary wound contact layer coated with paraffin for the treatment of exuding wounds.

Cuticell® contact

For moderate up to highly exuding acute and chronic wounds, including partial thickness wounds.