Abdominal swabs

Sterile, absorbent and x-ray detectable cotton gauze for effective wound cleansing, absorption of exudates and gripping and retaining organs during surgery. Find the professional solution here!

Leukoplast® Swab Abdominal

X-ray detectable absorbent swabs made of cotton gauze. 

Absorbent Pads

Absorbent dressing pads for managing exudate or wound covering and protection with sterile or non-sterile options: find the ideal products here!

Leukoplast® Compress Absorbent Protect

Absorbent pads for covering and protecting secreting wounds. 

Additional Surgical Dressings

A wide range of absorbent swabs, gauzes and dressings to meet all your wound care needs. Avaliable in sterile and non-sterile variants for your convience.

Leukoplast® Wet Wipe

Non-sterile wet wipes (70% alcohol) for reducing dirt in an injection area to prevent contamination. 

Swabs and Gauzes

Leukoplast swabs and gauzes: breathable, high-quality for wound cleansing, exudate absorption and general swabbing that are useful a wide range of applications.

Leukoplast® Compress Non-Woven

Absorbent swabs used for wounds cleansing. 

Leukoplast® Compress Cotton Gauze

Skin-friendly swabs for wound protection, cleaning and cover.