Leukomed® I.V. film

This transparent I.V. dressing is a sterile and transparent dressing for I.V. sites.

Easifix® Cohesive

Cohesive bandage for securing wound dressings and splints and providing general support.

Easifix® K

Smooth, light and breathable for securing wound dressings for all body parts including joints


Elastic bandage for secure wound dressing fixation on all body parts or joints.


Medical tape with high adhesive strength for dressings, traction bandages or devices.


Breathable medical tape with high tensile strength, gentle on sensitive skin.

Leukoplast® Sleek

Waterproof medical tape providing reliable dressing fixation and protection.

Hypafix® transparent

Transparent wide area fixation for devices and dressings, offering easy inspection.


Flexible, stretchable wide area fixation for securing devices and wound dressings.