First aid dressings

Indispensable wound dressings for every medicine cabinet

Leukoplast® elastic

Elastic and adhesive first aid dressings for minor wounds, cuts or abrasions.

Leukoplast® kids

Plasters with funny images will help your children to forget the pain quickly.

Leukoplast® strong

Highly adhesive water-repellent first aid dressing for short-term use on minor wounds.

Leukoplast® barrier

Waterproof yet breathable dressing for minor wounds helps to prevent infection.

Leukoplast® aqua pro

Waterproof yet breathable wound dressing protecting against water and contaminants.

Leukoplast® soft white

Breathable, soft and highly absorbent wound dressing with reliable, adhesion.

Leukoplast® eco

Sustainably sourced, soft, and highly absorbent wound dressings.

Leukoplast® eco kids

A fun, highly absorbent bamboo adhesive wound strip with animal print for kids

Leukoplast® kids | Hero Edition

Dressings with superhero motifs will help kids overcome the pain.