Leukomed® I.V. film

This transparent I.V. dressing is a sterile and transparent dressing for I.V. sites.


Medical tape with high adhesive strength for dressings, traction bandages or devices.

Leukoplast® hospital

Water-repellent surgical tape for securing dressings, traction bandages or devices.

Leukosilk® S

Fabric adhesive tape that’s skin friendly and suited to sensitive skin.


Flexible, stretchable wide area fixation for securing devices and wound dressings.

Leukoplast® eye occlusor

Smooth and comfortable, it's an ideal eye patch for glasses wearers.

Leukoplast® elastic

Flexible first aid dressings for minor wounds, lacerations, abrasions or punctures.

Leukoplast® detectable

Easy to find as the wound pad contains metal and x-ray detectable materials.

Leukoplast® strong

Highly adhesive water-repellent first aid dressing for short-term use on minor wounds.

Leukomed® T plus

Skin-friendly sterile film dressing with wound pad for small to medium-sized wounds.

Leukomed® Control®

Transparent, air permeable sterile dressing for dry and low-exuding wounds.


Absorbent, sterile dressing for minor to medium-sized wounds.

Leukosan® Strip

Adhesive wound closure strips with rounded edges for small wounds.