Sorbact technology-coated microbial binding post-op dressings

Leukomed Sorbact is an innovative surgical post-operative film dressing which has a purely physical mode of action, that reduces bacterial colonisation.
The dressing has demonstrated proven effectiveness in various clinical studies 1,2

  • Clinically significant 65% relative risk reduction of acquiring a surgical site infection post-caesarean section 1
  • Up to 57% cost reduction when treating caesarean sections, using NHS cost model 3
  • Effective reduction of the bacterial burden in colonised or locally infected wounds 4

New medical technologies guidance from NICE recommends that Leukomed Sorbact should be considered as an option for preventing surgical site infection (SSI ) in wounds with low to moderate exudate post caesarean and vascular surgery and that it should be used as part of usual measures to help reduce the risk of SSI*

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Medical references
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Maternity: Leukomed Sorbact 
A post-operative dressing with a purely physical mode of action, used to prevent SSI in closed surgical wounds after a caesarean section
Vascular: Leukomed Sorbact 
An innovative post operative film dressing for preventing SSI in wounds post vascular surgery

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