Professional wound care products: find them with Leukoplast!

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Abdominal swabs

Sterile, absorbent and x-ray detectable cotton gauze for effective wound cleansing, absorption of exudates and gripping and retaining organs during surgery. Find the professional solution here!

Leukoplast® Swab Abdominal

X-ray detectable absorbent swabs made of cotton gauze. 

Absorbent Pads

Absorbent dressing pads for managing exudate or wound covering and protection with sterile or non-sterile options: find the ideal products here!

Leukoplast® Compress Absorbent Protect

Absorbent pads for covering and protecting secreting wounds. 

Additional Surgical Dressings

A wide range of absorbent swabs, gauzes and dressings to meet all your wound care needs. Avaliable in sterile and non-sterile variants for your convience.

Leukoplast® Wet Wipe

Non-sterile wet wipes (70% alcohol) for reducing dirt in an injection area to prevent contamination. 

Swabs and Gauzes

Leukoplast swabs and gauzes: breathable, high-quality for wound cleansing, exudate absorption and general swabbing that are useful a wide range of applications.

Leukoplast® Compress Non-Woven

Absorbent swabs used for wounds cleansing. 

Leukoplast® Compress Cotton Gauze

Skin-friendly swabs for wound protection, cleaning and cover.

I.V. dressings

Tailor-made safety for vascular access

Leukomed® I.V. film

This transparent I.V. dressing is a sterile dressing for I.V. sites.

Retention bandages

Fixating even on moving body parts


Elastic bandage for secure wound dressing fixation on all body parts or joints.

Easifix® Cohesive

Cohesive bandage for securing wound dressings and splints and providing general support.

Easifix® K

Smooth, light and breathable for securing wound dressings for all body parts including joints

Medical tapes

For every application the right fixation


Breathable and pliable medical tape for securing devices on very sensitive skin.


Breathable medical tape with high tensile strength, gentle on sensitive skin.


Medical tape with high adhesive strength for dressings, traction bandages or devices.

Wide area fixation

The right fixation even for large wounds

Hypafix® transparent

Transparent wide area fixation for devices and dressings, offering easy inspection.


Flexible, stretchable wide area fixation for securing devices and wound dressings.

Eye occlusor

Leukoplast eye occlusor is used to prevent or treat strabismus and amblyopia. Smooth and comfortable, it's an ideal eye patch for wearers of glasses.

Leukoplast® eye occlusor

Smooth and comfortable, it's an ideal eye patch for glasses wearers.

First aid dressings

The right wound dressings for every case

Leukoplast® barrier

Waterproof yet breathable dressing for minor wounds helps to prevent infection.

Leukoplast® elastic

Flexible first aid dressings for minor wounds, lacerations, abrasions or punctures.

Leukoplast® universal

Finger dressings for short-term use on minor wounds, lacerations or punctures.

Surgical site dressings

Minimising the risk of wound infections

Leukomed® Control

Transparent, air permeable sterile dressing for dry and low-exuding wounds.

Leukomed® T

Transparent film dressing for superficial and surgical wounds.

Leukomed® T plus skin sensitive

Waterproof wound dressing for acute wounds with low to moderate exudate levels.

Adhesive strips

The atraumatic alternative in wound closure

Leukosan® Strip

Adhesive wound closure strips with rounded edges for small wounds.

Leukoplast® wound closure strip

Adhesive wound closure strips with rounded edges for superficial cuts and incisions.

Medical tapes skin sensitive

The reliable fixation for fragile or compromised skin

Leukoplast® skin sensitive

Gentle removal medical tape for securing dressings on fragile or compromised skin.

Wide area fixation skin sensitive

The skin-friendly fixation for securing large wound dressings

Hypafix® skin sensitive

Atraumatic wide area fixation for dressings or devices on fragile or compromised skin.

Medical skin care

Cutimed PROTECT barrier film spray, barrier film foam applicator and barrier cream act as a moisture barrier and protect the skin from irritation; especially that caused by incontinence.
Cutimed ACUTE cream mousse with urea will moisturise dry or cracked skin.

Cutimed® PROTECT Spray

is a liquid skin protectant spray. The barrier film protects skin from irritation due to adhesive products or bodily waste and fluids.

Cutimed® PROTECT Foam Applicator

is a liquid skin protectant with applicator that forms a barrier film.

Cutimed® PROTECT Cream

is a barrier cream that protects skin from the damage and irritation.

Surgical site dressing skin sensitive

Minimising the risk of wound infections

Leukomed® T plus skin sensitive

Waterproof wound dressing for acute wounds with low to moderate exudate levels.

Leukomed® T skin sensitive

Transparent adhesive film dressing for use on fragile or compromised skin.