Medical tapes skin sensitive

The reliable fixation for fragile or compromised skin

Leukoplast® skin sensitive

Gentle removal medical tape for securing dressings on fragile or compromised skin.

Wide area fixation skin sensitive

The skin-friendly fixation for securing large wound dressings

Hypafix® skin sensitive

Atraumatic wide area fixation for dressings or devices on fragile or compromised skin.

Medical skin care

Cutimed PROTECT barrier film spray, barrier film foam applicator and barrier cream act as a moisture barrier and protect the skin from irritation; especially that caused by incontinence.
Cutimed ACUTE cream mousse with urea will moisturise dry or cracked skin.

Cutimed® PROTECT Spray

is a liquid skin protectant spray. The barrier film protects skin from irritation due to adhesive products or bodily waste and fluids.

Cutimed® PROTECT Foam Applicator

is a liquid skin protectant with applicator that forms a barrier film.

Cutimed® PROTECT Cream

is a barrier cream that protects skin from the damage and irritation.

Surgical site dressing skin sensitive

Minimising the risk of wound infections

Leukomed® T plus skin sensitive

Waterproof wound dressing for acute wounds with low to moderate exudate levels.

Leukomed® T skin sensitive

Transparent adhesive film dressing for use on fragile or compromised skin.