Leukomed® Control

Leukomed Control is a sterile dressing for dry and low-exuding acute wounds including surgical wounds, superficial and partial thickness burns, skin donor sites, lacerations and abrasions. Ideal for post-operative care.

  • Bacteria and virus proof
  • Highly flexible
  • Up to 14 day wear time

Product benefits

Crossed-out stylized representations of bacteria to indicate that this product provides a reduced risk of contamination.

Bacteria and virus proof

Leukomed Control protects the wound against bacteria and viruses to help reduce the risk of wound complications.
Two hands pulling the product in opposite directions to indicate stretchability.

Highly flexible

This wound dressing is highly flexible and conforms well to contoured body parts and joints; while providing reliable adhesion during movement and wear.
Calendar showing the figure 14 for the number of days this product can be used.

Up to 14 day wear time

Can be worn for up to 14 days depending on the wound condition.
Air passing through a barrier.

Permeable to air and water vapour

Being permeable to air and water vapour allows the skin to breathe; helping to prevent maceration.
Droplet-shaped outline, its lower half darkened to represent fluid management.


Ideal for either dry or low-exuding wounds.
A magnifying glass, indicating that the product is transparent.

Transparent for easy inspection

Being fully transparent for easy wound monitoring, making it well suited for postoperative care.
Sterile in capital letters.


Sterile and well-suited to covering wounds after surgery.

Information for use

Please make sure to always follow the instructions for use, including the safety information provided with the product. Not at hand? Find the needed safety information in this database!